Dr Marion Krauthaker, Senior Lecturer in Modern Languages, DMU:

Research interest: Gender and feminist studies, representations of gender and power dynamics and anti-heteronormativity in French literature, cinema and other media.

Dr Michela Baldo, Lecturer in Translation Studies, University of Birmingham:

Research interests: Italian queer feminist activism and translation, Italian diasporic writing and translation, LGBT issues in translation.


Dr Karol Valderrama Burgos, Lecturer in Spanish, Queen’s University Belfast:

Research interest: Colombian cinema, women filmmakers’s productions, representations of gender and Latin American cinemas.


Dr Aimee Bailey: Lecturer in English Language, De Montfort University:

Research interests: language, gender and sexuality, queer theory, feminist theory, LGBTQ media

Lidia  Salvatori: PhD Candidate and Graduate Teaching Assistant, School of Media, Communication and Sociology, University of Leicester:

Research Interest:

Dr Nicole Fayard: Associate Professor in French and Translation Studies, University of Leicester:

Research Interest: Gender and feminist studies, gender violence, trauma, and feminist activism; Francophone and Post-Colonial women’s writings; politics of the performance, Translation and Adaptation of Shakespeare in Europe with particular reference to cultural memory and transnational identities.

Dr Maria Morelli: Marie Curie Fellow, University of Milan (Italy):

Research interest: Gender Studies, Feminist Studies, Women’s Writing, Italian Women’s Writing, European Post-colonial Women’s Studies

Dr Robert Payne: Lecturer in French , School of Humanities, University of Hertfordshire:

Research interest: Twentieth- and twenty-first-century French literature, LGBT+ studies, feminism

Dr Sonia Alba: University teacher (professeure contractuelle), University of French Guiana:

Research interests : postcolonialism, Francophone culture, women’s writing

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